Open Minds, Open Doors - Janet Luongo
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How I Got My Paintings to Paris Despite Stupid Bureaucrats

Description: "No, no, no, Madame!" Janet refuses to take no for an answer when Swiss bureaucrats refuse her passage, threatening to thwart her childhood dream of exhibiting in Paris. In telling this tale based on a true story, the audience eggs her on at dangerous junctures, and winds up inspired that they too - with persistence, daring and a touch of folly - can overcome exasperating obstacles.

"Your story made me laugh and moved me to tears."

Sherry Bykofsky
Literary agent, NYC

'Get Em Going': How to Engage Your Audience.

Description: The best way to engage your audience is with a good story. This presentation includes Janet's signature story, "How I Got My Paintings to Paris Despite Stupid Bureaucrats," and basic techniques on how to encourage your audience to interact with you and with each other. Presented at Speakers University 2001 for the National Speakers Association New York Tri-State chapter, of which Janet serves as President (2002-2003).

Mission Possible Volume 4

Looking for information, inspiration and motivation? Mission Possible! Offers a rare collection of wisdom from twelve inspiring personalities who have proven that success is not an unreachable goal. Janet Luongo joins Wally “Famous” Amos (of Famous Amos Cookies), and Mark Victor Hansen (co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul) in this soon-to-be-released anthology. Janet talks about how she overcame the trials of a difficult youth to become vice-president of a museum, owner of a speaking and seminar company, and happily-married wife and mother. “Fast paced interviews with successful individuals can be a great encouragement.” - From review. You will find insights, strategies and inspiration for your own mission. $20.00. (Buy Now)

Princess Principle: Women Helping Women Discover Their Royal Spirit

Join eighteen of America's most successful women who have overcome incredible obstacles and challenges as they take you on their powerful journey to excellence. $20.00 (Buy Now)