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Programs and Events

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Selected Past Events 2007

Creative Retreat for Women.  Feb 9-11, Norwalk, CT

Why Diets Don't Work. Feb to April at Public Libraries in Stratford, Shelton and Norwalk, CT

HOT 2B HEALTHY for Teachers.  April 4, Luis Munoz Marin School Faculty Meeting Slide Presentation on foods and exercise for more energy and health. Bridgeport, CT

HOT 2B HEALTHY - Nutrition Tips for Families.  April 28 at Urban Ecology Conference at CT's Beardsley Zoo.

HOT 2B HEALTHY - Nutrition Tips for Families.  May 5, for LINKS, African American women community project on Heart Health Poster Contest for Bridgeport Public School children.  At SHU, Fairfield, CT

Yoga at Work.  May 11 for Iroquois Pipe Company.  Basic yoga breathing, postures and meditation that keeps energy flowing, reduces stress improves general health and increases productivity.  Shelton, CT

HOT 2B HEALTHY Rally.  May 23 for Students, Teachers and Families. Stories and skits that deliver information about healthy choices in food and exercise. Work with ventriloquist Judy Buch, and banner painter JoAnn Moran, who reinforced the message of health.  Luis Munoz Marin School, Bridgeport, CT

Visioning Workshop. May 30.  Visualize what you desire in your life, write it down, paint it and share it. Norwalk, CT

Passion to Profit & Pleasure.  June 2, Slide show for Expo - Is There Life After Teaching?  Bernie Siegel, MD, keynote.  Visualize possibilities for the next phase of your life.  NCC, Norwalk, CT

"Your performance at the Aldrich Museum was outstanding; I was really moved."

Imna Arroyo, artist and professor at Eastern CT State University

Selected Past Events