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"A master of interpersonal communication, Janet has the gift of making people feel comfortable. Her creative leadership brought an almost defunct department to growth of over 600%."

Elena de Murias, President, The Discovery Museum, CT


  • Keynote Speeches
  • Seminars (1-5 days)
  • Consultations
  • Facilitation
  • Retreats

"I give Janet the highest recommendation as a speaker and trainer."

Joe Graziano, President 2000-2001,
NY Chapter of the National Speakers Association

Topics (customized to client needs)

1. Innovative Leadership (1-5 day course)

For business owners and managers of small and medium-sized companies who want to lead the way to success. The course covers the wide range of skills leaders need in order to transform culture. Participants learn how to:

  • Think creatively and develop vision
  • understand behavioral styles and develop innovative teams
  • Communicate with power
  • Plan strategically and achieve goals.

"Janet's innovative and inspiring ideas led our organization to fulfill its mission."

Laura Litvinoff, The Discovery Museum, CT

2. Unlock The Power of Creativity

In order to evolve and thrive companies must commit to innovation and allow for failure. Participants immerse themselves in the playful, limitless world of possibilities; break out of the verbal and logical into the visual and outrageous - in order to produce the next best idea. We will brainstorm, laugh, visualize and do simple creativity exercises that will give participants a full understanding of the creative process they can apply to any problem from product and marketing to human relations. After reviewing examples from many fields and enterprises, they will leave with knowledge of the environment, the approaches, the habits and skills needed to come up with break-through ideas.

"Your weekend retreat was expertly and sensitively facilitated. Our dreams were unwrapped: through art, song and dream sharing. I will always treasure the gift of increased self-awareness."

Denise Page, Dreamcatchers LLC, New Haven, CT

3. Keep Your Eye on Your Dream

People who visualize their dream and write it down are unstoppable. From personal stories and examples of people who beat the odds against them, participants will be inspired to rekindle their passion and overcome obstacles to reach fulfillment. They will learn the skills to design a plan to achieve career and life-goals. Includes Janet Luongo's story, "How I Got My Paintings to Paris Despite Stupid Bureaucrats."

"Your keynote address changed my life. I used your envisioning techniques, put in an application to where I really wanted to go, and was accepted in London!"

Liz, Student at Housatonic Community College

4. Cultural Diversity: A Rich Resource

American corporations are embracing diversity in record numbers. They realize that diversity initiatives improve corporate culture, increase talent on the workforce and improve productivity. Studies show profits rise after diversity training. Through hands-on activities, discussions, the self-assessment instrument, Discover Diversity Profile, participants learn to value the diverse perspectives and ideas that create a competitive advantage.

"What impresses me the most about Janet is her dedication to the cause of diversity. She's an excellent diversity presenter. She's very artistic in her presentations, uses art and music, and engages her audience in interactive processes. I would definitely recommend her as a speaker and trainer."

Daniel Calloway
Founder of the Multicultural Committee, Trumbull, CT

My portfolio includes self-assessment instruments such as DISC Behavioral Styles from Inscape Publishing when applicable.

5. The Art of Leadership

In which picture does your company belong:


A company with a vision filled with people who want to be there, who work hard and well together, who treat customers so well they keep returning? You are enjoying increasing prosperity.


A company undergoing stress, employees are not motivated, don’t understand the mission of the company, each other, nor the customers, who often turn elsewhere for better service. You are in a downward spiral.

To increase prosperity and prevent the downward spiral, you may want to consider two proven development processes that serve as a “blueprint” for

1. energizing employees through a process that will improve attitudes, communication, teamwork, customer service and productivity.

2. equipping executives, managers and supervisors with skills and tools they need to transform the culture in their teams to become an “employer of choice,” and

1. Adventures in Attitudes (Employee Development Process)

Attitude is the number # one concern for 60% of companies surveyed. Self-awareness is the first step in changing negative attitudes to positive ones. It’s key to establishing personal responsibility and accountability in the midst of change. In this course, participants learn techniques to check their own attitudes, listen and communicate better, deal with emotions and build strong teams. Passive resistance is transformed into high-energy performance.

In the full course, available in flexible modules, participants move through ten critical areas to increase self-awareness, change attitudes, and improve relationships for greater personal and professional success.

2. Transforming Culture (Management Development Process )

Do you want to be an “Employer of Choice?” Do you want to create a work environment that will attract and retain the most talented people, and develop the talent of those you already employ? If the answers are yes, you may want to consider a true learning process over a year or two in which participants have the opportunity to do self-assessments, practice skills and receive coaching one on one. Participants will receive feedback about their behavioral style, and will learn how to create a work environment that will significantly increase accountability and profitability.