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Inscape Publishing self-assessments and Training Materials

Managing Expectations
A Personal Learning Guide to Increasing Commitment and Job Satisfaction

Personal Profile System® 2800 Series
One of today's most powerful personal growth tools. Helps you understand yourself and your impact on others Helps reduce conflict and improve relationships. Experienced by over 20 Million people worldwide.

Personal Profile System® for Windows
Combine the power of DiSC® and the graphic, point and click technology of Microsoft® Windows to create exciting new dimensions in instrumented learning. Supports applications in team building, manager coaching, and sales training.

Dimensions of Leadership Profile®
Helps leaders and followers understand the dynamic nature of leadership and how they can work together most effectively to get things done.

Time Mastery Profile®
Provides a personal assessment tool and an action planning workbook in one time management resource. Works with any time management system.

Innovate with C.A.R.E. Profile®
A unique and proven approach to enhancing team innovation. It identifies five key roles in innovative team performance. Shows how to maximize them and shortens innovations time dramatically.

Personal Listening Profile®
Gives insight into different listening approaches and thereby improves the effectiveness of all communication. Ideal in any situation where persons must be effective listeners eg sales, customer service, etc.

Discovering Diversity Profile®
Supports diversity as a business strategy. Helps limit the influence of stereotypes, creates acceptance of differences, and capitalizes on the contributions of all.

Coping & Stress Profile®
A unique learning instrument that helps people assess and understand their stress and coping skills in four life areas: Personal, Work, Couple and Family.

A powerful, DiSC-based learning experience designed for youth, ages 12 to 18. Helps them understand themselves better, recognize and develop their strengths, and get along better with others.

Disc® Relationship Profile
The DiSC-based profile that offers a guided process for two people to compare information about their behavioral dimensions using the foundations of the Personal Profile System® 2800 Series.

Personal Learning Insights Profile™
A "cognitive" learning tool that helps people identify and understand how they experience, process, organize, store, and retrieve information. Ideal for applications in individual development planning and group learning.

Adventures In Attitudes®
A personal growth workshop that's been changing lives for more than twenty years. Ideal for career development, school, welfare to work applications, and sales.

Disc® Strategies in Education
Improve your ability to interact positively with an increasing diverse group of students, and work effectively with parents, colleagues, administrators and the Community.

Shared Values Process
The Shared Values Process Operating System is an organization wide process which will get all employees in your organization operating on the same values.

Based on the groundbreaking work of William Bridges, Transition -- The Personal Path Through Change is an interactive learning guide that provides people with a self-directed process for dealing with change.

The above Inscape Publishing Self-assessments and Training Materials are:

  1. A source of training courses conducted by Janet Luongo
  2. Available for purchase by in-house trainers through Janet Luongo, an authorized Inscape distributor
  3. Available as business opportunities for trainers and new distributors

            Please call Janet at 1-877-307-4486 for more information.