Open Minds, Open Doors - Janet Luongo
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Is it for You!?


It may work if: (Check all that apply)

q       You both put the chapter first

q       You respect and like each other

q       You are both good listeners

q       You value the other’s perspective

q       You are both willing to compromise

q       Neither of you demands all the credit

q       You want to help each other grow

q       You have complementary strengths/challenges

q       Chapter membership or “issues” are big

q       You would like to divide the workload

q       You both work equally hard



q       Presents a solid u7nited front to the members

q       Takes pressure off to know there is a back-up

q       Excellent ideas emerge through discussion

q       Twice as much can get done

q       You build a lasting relationship



q       Decisions take longer to work out

q       You must be in constant communication

q       Who prevails if there’s disagreement?

q       Who is the official “contact?”

q       Conflict may arise