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“Unlock the Power of Your True Self
And Create a Richer Life”

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Imagine having all the original ideas you want and having the confidence to express them. You would feel more fulfilled in your career, relationships and any art you love. Can this be you? YES!

The truth is you are one-of-a-kind. An original. Once you understand your true originality, creativity will flow naturally and enrich all areas of your life.

365 Daily Affirmations for Creativity is an enticing book that reveals a simple yet powerful process to unlock your unique self. It includes sixty exercises specifically designed to help you through the process. Make affirmation a habit and you are on your way to creating the life you want.

New research confirms that affirmations, combined with visualization and meditation, actually increases the success rate of achieving goals.

Free yourself from the prison of negative self-talk. Affirm the positive. Find ways to seek inspiration – within and without you. It’s time to take a breath and return to the center of your life – you.

Who Benefits? Professional women who want to connect to the imagination of their children. Students who want to shed destructive beliefs so they can reach their potential. Leaders who are innovative in the workplace or community. Creative people and people who want to be more creative.

Janet Luongo reveals techniques she used to work through dark times in her youth to live the creative life of her dreams. An international teacher and award-winning museum educator, she is now an artist, writer, wife, mother, and entrepreneur.

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Foreword by Jack Canfield, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul ® book series: Read an affirmation every day until you absorb its wisdom. Affirm yourself, visualize accomplishments, and most of all, take daily action. May your life be truly enriched in the process.”

Take action today. Order this book for yourself, students, colleagues, people you love, and anyone who wants to live a richly creative life that expresses their uniqueness.

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